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Christina Ritter was born April 6, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland. A precocious child, she spent her early childhood in foster care until she was adopted by a loving home.
Her active imagination led her to a love of acting starting at only 5 years old. Her first role was in a school play about Mother Goose nursery rhymes where she played the Spider that scared Little Miss Muffet away. In love with the ability to become different characters, she was hooked.
She continued to act in musical productions with different drama programs. In 2004 Christina joined a troupe which has produced such stars as Edward Norton and Tracie Thoms, Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts. She attended several classes and performed with them until 2008.
She also performed in local community and professional productions. In high school Christina was on the varsity cheerleading squad and was a part of the spring musicals. She also took coursework in drama and musical theatre at her school.
Upon graduation, she attended James Madison University. Christina studied abroad in London in the spring semester of 2012, where she spent time traveling Europe and learning about other cultures. Her favorite trip in particular was to Norway!
In May of 2013 she became a college graduate, earning her bachelors in communication studies with a minor in theatre.
The summer of 2012 marked the beginning of her film career. She began work as an extra on the innovative Netflix series House of Cards. She filmed on school breaks from college. Spring break of 2013 Christina filmed an episode of Evil Twins where she played a rape victim of the infamous Spitzer brothers.
The role allowed Christina to exhibit great range in her three scenes. Most recently Christina had a lead role on the hit Discovery ID series hosted by Susan Lucci, Deadly Affairs where she played Tiffany Jordan. In July of 2015 Christina moved to New York City to pursue her acting at the next level. In her spare time Christina enjoys outdoor activities, volunteering with Make A Wish Foundation, and spending time with her friends.